Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony

I can take a few character flaws in my heroes but feet of clay and an exposed willy is a little much. It has taken me this long to weigh in on Weinergate because I am devastated. My hero - caught with his pants down. The loudest, most effective voice for single payer and Medicare for all hoisted by his own twit-tard. What am I supposed to say when people come up to me and ask me about my Medicare for All bumper sticker? "Here's an compelling argument from Anthony Weiner - you know, Anthony Weiner - the penis guy. " No wonder Nancy dropped a stitch and Debbie's just fucking pissed. They both want him to resign. I guess I still don't. But I would like him to stop sending penis pictures over the internet. Kind of reckless, if you ask me.

Now their have been times in my life when I have been very lonely. Adrift and abandoned, desirous of the slightest human touch, a hint of a smile, a kind word, a warm hand on my weiner shoulder... But the thought of sending pictures of my willy over the internet to perfect strangers never really occurred to me. Not even with the digital zoom. I may be overreacting but I find the whole thing kind of peculiar.

So what we are dealing with here is a reckless and obsessive character flaw, refreshingly untainted by hypocrisy. At least he didn't drag his wife with him to the press conference. She's off  gallivanting around the world with Hillary. I bet they have a lot to talk about. "You know Huma it could be worse...." When Vitter got caught in the DC Madame affair he dragged his poor wife to the obligatory I've Been a Naughty Boy and I'm Sorry press conference. "C'mon hon, put on something nice and stand next to me while I humiliate both of us in public." I don't feel bad for a family values hypocrite like Vitter. I did feel bad for his wife, though. She looked beyond upset. Vitter was running a nice little K-Street fund raiser under the radar while Weiner was at the gate. These C Street clowns all have a King David complex. They consider themselves extraordinary men entitled to extraordinary vices. Fucking chimps.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Sarah Palin's America

"I know my American History."
You betcha - the real story, not the gotcha one told by the lamestream media:

Paul Revere - American Hero

Paul Revere's Whistle

Paul Revere's Bell

British Troops Await Paul Revere

Paul Revere Warns British that the Americans are Coming

British Surrender - Wolverines!!