Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Manlier Than Don Draper

Everybody oohing and aahing over Dapper Don Draper fixing the kitchen faucet during the dinner party. Somehow this is the mark of a real man. A man among men. A manly man's man. If amateur plumbing and car repair was the mark of a real man I would have balls the size of cantelopes. And I don't. So I have to call bullshit. I know the purpose of the scene was to show Don getting those vaginal sprinklers going as the women stood back admiring his man handling of that balky plumbing. But c'mon, what's he fix it with? A fork? Where's his bucket of tools? A real man has a bucket of tools. Maybe two. I know I do. Then he explains that the supply valve was turned all the way on and the faucet couldn't handle it. Double bullshit. (And I'm wrong but a manly man looks this shit up, admits he's wrong but doesn't correct it because that's for wimps)

A real man knows two things about plumbing:
1 - you can't have too many tools
and 2 - Yay for plastic