Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Morning Joe Rubs Weiner the Wrong Way

So I had (well, I accidently chose) to sit through another round of the dial-up intellects on Morning Joe giving their take on epidemiology. A typical monkey/football scenario. C'mon, people, it's a broadband world. Don't you have some staffer with a laptop that can Google the government's response to the H1N1 epidemic? Could you at least try to be moderately informed on a topic before you open your yaps and could you please, on issues of public health, make an attempt to get the facts straight? Take this reaction (please) after a relatively dry, fact based report on the status of the vaccine (government has ordered 150 million doses, vaccine will be ready in late October). The reporter looked a little stunned as some former Bush security advisor, who still resides in Stupid City, asked this perceptive and hard hitting question: "I heard there is some problem with mercury in the vaccines." Heard from who, dipshit? Your wife who heard it from Oprah who heard it from Jennie McCarthy? And Mike Barnicle, master of the anecdotal non-sequitur, chimes in with: "And how will this affect the public option?" Right, Mike. And why do tangerines smell so darn good? Mika, perpetually confused, looks confused. Willie Geist, who I believe actually has a brain but is careful to conceal it so's not to appear uppity, says nothing. Joe Scarborough takes the ball and heads straight towards Crazyland, mumbling something about "So much for government efficiency" and do you want these people running your health care?. Well, Joe, yes...Yes I do. Who else has the resources to do the research to isolate the virus, develop a series of vaccines, test those vaccines on a massive scale to insure safety and efficacy, and stockpile and distribute them to the population? Here's a hint. It ain't Aetna or Blue Cross. Typical conservative fever dreams: The government is too busy trying to figure out how to sneak Belladonna to grandma in her Glycolax to gear up their secret vaccine factories buried under the FEMA concentration camps just next to the black helicopter landing sites and save America from H1N1. The government is too inefficient to run a single payer health care system but they're efficient enough to watch your every move and take away your guns. By the way, a brown guy is president. Stock up on Depends.

Posted above for your amusement and edification is my new favorite congressman, Rep. Anthony Weiner D-NY, handing Joe his ass on the topic of single payer health care.


  1. Carrie10:31 PM

    you should write for the post gazette - i might read it if i saw a headline like - morning coffee rubs weiner the wrong way. :) get those bumper stickers printed - my impression is that the health insurance companies wouldn't fight the medicare thing - well at least the blue plans wouldn't the govt needs someone to process those claims, etc and they make more money on medicare than they would on some of the other ideas out there - this might keep me in a job *damn it*

  2. I'd like it to be there in a few years when I need it. The only way to fund it is to increase the risk pool so that the young and healthy are included. I'd kick in my insurance premiums and Medicare tax to keep it going.

  3. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Unfortunately, what is being offered is not Medicare for everyone, but Medicaid for everyone.

    The re imbursement is so bad for this form of insurance that most physicians opt out of this program. Even the Medicare rates are being lowered to prevent bankruptcy.

    Medicare for everyone doesn't work without tort reform.

    You need to get Obama to push tort reform. He is missing the boat in getting physician endorsement.

    An anonymous doctor.

  4. Tort reform is necessary, but so is single payer coverage. What is the difference between negotiating with insurance companies or the government for your fees? I don't believe Medicare rates would need to be cut if the risk pool was widened to include everyone.