Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kickin' It Old School

 a little tighter, Mammy, you still look human to me
In economics, the revisions add Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek, two champions of free-market economic theory, among the usual list of economists to be studied, like Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes. They also replaced the word “capitalism” throughout their texts with the “free-enterprise system.”

“Let’s face it, capitalism does have a negative connotation,” said one conservative member, Terri Leo. “You know, ‘capitalist pig!’ ”

Right, Terri with an i, all isms are bad. Communism, socialism, fascism, Unitarianism, antidisestablishmentarianism, Islamism and especialy jism. No sense confusing the kids with trying to sort out the good isms from the bad isms. They don't need to know what they mean, just that they are baaaad.
The board approved a standard requiring students to learn about “any unintended consequences” of the Great Society, affirmative action and Title IX. (3/11/10)
What unintended consequences? Like when they freed the slaves and they started wanting to vote and hold jobs other than picking cotton? Or when 50 years after the Civil Rights Act we elect a black president?  Or women playing basketball? What the fuck, is this some sort of code? According to the Texas State School Board a little revision in the history books is long overdue. They want to make sure that the Republican party of Lincoln is linked with the Dixiecrat Republican Party of Reagan, the Greatest American Who Ever Lived or Ever Will Live. Every white (or black) southerner knew exactly what he meant by claiming to be for "states rights" in Philadelphia, Mississippi.  Let's not forget that there were people like George Wallace who were against equal rights for blacks. Don't they deserve a mention, too? I mean just for balance. There are always two sides to every story. Of course only one side had ropes around their necks or bullets in their heads, but we won't mention that. Might upset the Heritage Not Hate crowd (although if my Heritage involved great-great grandpappy fighting to keep other people enslaved, I'd Hate to think I'd be dumb enough to wave around the Stars and Bars). I can see where this is going. Back to the same Birth of a Nation/Gone With the Wind bullshit history they fed my father. He told me once that the slaves didn't have it too bad. He went on to contrast  it with his father, who ended up a wage slave in the mines, paying off the mine boss to keep his job. Being the hippie that I am I felt compelled to take the anti-slavery side. Gone With the Wind forgot to mention the whippings, rapes, chainings and breakup of families that took place under Our Peculiar Institution.  Not to mention the night riders, fortified plantations and roadblocks necessary to keep a slave population in check. More like Nazi Germany than the Mammy-Jammy bullshit pictures these Texas dipshits have in their heads. Oh yeah, and it's not American Imperialism, it is now American Expansion. The difference being, I guess, with Expansion you get to kill all the Indians. If I had the money I would give every black, Latino, and Native American kid in Texas a laptop with broadband connection and let them challenge these ignorant crackers at every turn.

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