Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Here We Blow

That refrain greeting me at work first thing this morning, happily sung by a disgruntled Eagle's fan to the tune of Here We Go. All Eagle's fans are disgruntled. They are not happy drunks. How would you like to be terminally prick teased with playoff after playoff appearance, never able to pull off the Big One? The Steelers tore my heart out again. Although to be truthful, I was surprised they got that far.  Still, once we get there, we are not accustomed to losing a Super Bowl. Ah well, The Fudge Packers deserved it. They took the long road there and played well. And Doug Legursky deserves some sort of award for keeping that fat 700 pound Raji fucker off the quarterback. Well done, Doug. Still, I'm sad, very, very sad.
But Scripto, you say, "May we ask why, with Michele Bachmann running for President, Congress ready to make everyone work into their eighties, Sarah still on the loose, and all the problems in Egypt and such, why are you so upset about a stupid football game? Why are you sad? Why are you bitter? What is wrong with you? You are far too sophisticated to be so emotionally involved in a mere football game."

Well, may I ask why you all just don't shut the fuck up and let me grieve?

1 comment:

  1. i agree.
    (with you, not them)
    hope youll be ok soon.