Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On the ride back after picking up one of the grandkids -(italics are, of course, sub-vocal) :

"My Mommy is a vegetarian."
"I'm a vegetarian, too."
"That's nice"
"I'm hungry"
"Wanna stop at McDonalds?"
"I'm not allowed to eat at McDonalds. Mommy won't let me."
(oh, Christ ) "Well, what do you want to eat?"
"I want a hot dog."
(what the hell? do they even make vegetarian hot dogs? If they do I bet they suck)
"I don't think any of these places have hot dogs. How about a sandwich from Quiznos?"
(from my co pilot and lovely wife) "She won't find anything in there that she likes"
(Hey, I'd like you to be quiet )
"Mommy lets me eat at Wendy's"
(Jesus fucking Christ - that's where I was headed in the first place and really, what's the difference? I suppose the snack bar at Target was totally out of the question)
"Okey-dokey, Wendy's it is"

I've since discovered that, once she dispensed with the obligatory initial protestations, this kid will eat anything that remotely resembles food. Now, I've raised enough kids to know that I don't really know anything about anything and I won't presume to tell The Mom how to raise her kid but I can't remember making a big deal about diet with any of the kids and none of them turned out to be sickly fatties. Nothing wrong with moderating sugar and fat to a point but when you get right down to it a calorie is a calorie. And kids are kids. And the more you tell them they can't have it, the more they'll go looking for it.

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