Saturday, July 16, 2011

The First Flush of Freedom

Too bad the Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act of 2011 or whatever it's called died in the House the other day. You would think that if incandescent bulbs were good enough for the Founders they would be good enough us. People bitch about the quality of light in the curly ques but I don't see a lot of difference. But, then again, I'm getting old. I kind of like them - I don't feel too bad about forgetting to turn them off. And they're cheaper to run. That's a good thing. Even for an American.

Senator Rand Paul has his panties in a bunch about the federally mandated low flush toilets and will no doubt propose The Flush of Choice Act. I don't know what he's eating but apparently he's having trouble getting all the paper down. Now, I'll admit I had the same reaction when the law was passed - that if the feds wanted me to change my toilet they would have to come pry my 1960 - 7.5 gallon American Standard super flush off my cold dead ass. But I've gone through a couple of models since then and I have to say that the technology is a lot better than when the low water models first came out. So Senator Randy, just quit yer bitchin' and swap out your commodes - you can afford it. And don't expect the Invisible Hand  to magically cure our environmental problems. If it was up to the markets the Cuyahoga would still catch fire and Pittsburgh would still be dark at noon.

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