Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cars Are People, Too

More brainstorming from Casey Luskin, ringmaster of the circus known as the Discovery Institute:

"Bailey makes the simplistic (and inadequate) argument for neo-Darwinism based upon the fact that the fossil record shows that species have changed over time and younger fossils more closely resemble living species than older fossils. But this argument makes three mistakes:

(1) 2001 car models more closely resemble 2008 car models than do 1922 car models, but no one is arguing that cars evolved without intelligent design;"

Good point. Left to the forces of mutation and selection, automotive technology would not have advanced much past the wheel (Question for Darwinists - How did the wheel evolve, anyway?). It took a hundred years of selective breeding by Intelligent Agents to give us the diversity of automotive species we see today. I know from bitter experience the devolution that can occur when unguided natural forces are at work. I had a frisky 72 Toyota Corona Mark II wagon that jumped the fence one night and got to humping with my 53 Chevy Sedan Delivery. The resultant offspring looked like an unholy cross between a Cushman motor scooter and a 62 Volvo P544. I couldn't give them away. I knew I should have had that damn Toyota fixed.

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