Saturday, May 03, 2008

Help Jessica Find Britney's Vagina

Concerned that Britney's vagina hasn't been seen in public in days, Jessica has launched a nationwide search to find the missing organ. Britney's vagina disappeared shortly after being eliminated in the first round of the American Idol competition after Simon Cowell accused Britney's vagina of lacking "range". Producers at Dancing With the Stars had no comment on the rumoured report of Britney's vagina attempting to enter the popular dance contest paired with John McCain's penis. Brad is baffled, "I generally have no problem locating vaginas but Britney's vagina has proved to be particularly slippery." Angelina Jolie offered no comment. Madonna has filed suit in a Nigerian family court to take possession of Britney's vagina maintaining, "She obviously is in no position to care for it herself, while I have the means to care for Britney's vagina as if it were my very own.

So Jessica is pleading with her fans and vagina lovers everywhere to spread the word and search high and low for the runaway organ. Britney's vagina may be in trouble. Please help it find its way back.

(hat's off to Doc S for this shameless attempt to increase traffic)


  1. Hi,

    Ever thought about reaading God's word in the New Testament ?

    try my blog for a connect to His Word online. God Bless !

  2. Thanks for the tip, country. I was raised a Catholic, I don't think we're allowed to read the Bible.

  3. Betcha the gentleman has that invitation on a macro and sends it to all lost souls.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am no longer alone.

  4. Holey Freakin' Moley! Me neither.

    Although I would reaad the New Testament if I thought it would help me find Britney's vagina. Maybe it contains a map or some sort of, I don't know... code.