Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Scripto Tears Lid Off Creationist Conspiracy

Well, not exactly a conspiracy, since it was only one guy and I didn't exactly rip the lid off since it wasn't any kind of secret but I did write a letter. Now I've been having trouble getting published lately, either because The Man can't handle the truth or it may be that the editor is threatened by the fluidity of my prose. But since you dropped by - here it is:

To the Editor:
A theory in science is a well tested concept that explains a set of observations and makes testable predictions. The idea that life has been on this planet for a very long time and has changed through time is as much a fact as the idea that the earth orbits the sun. The consensus is that evolution occurred by descent through modification, mainly by natural selection, and this is what should be taught in our science classes. Just as there are no coherent alternatives to atomic theory or germ theory there are no supported alternatives to evolutionary theory. So-called Scientific Creationism has been falsified and Intelligent Design remains a vague idea that shows no promise of being a testable hypothesis, let alone a scientific theory.
Here is one undisputed fact that can be taught in biology classes across the entire district: If Board President Helman believes that all species were originally created as they are now, as he has been reported as saying, then he has no idea what he is talking about. Congratulations to the rest of the board for overruling him on the purchase of the Miller/Levine text. May they continue to do so in all matters involving curriculum.

Update: Holy Shit! They printed it. Not quite as I wrote it. Instead of insulting Helman I was edited to insult other, unnamed board members.


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    How does a dairy farmer become the head of a school board?

    He admits that one can improve livestock through selective breeding, but denies the concept of natural selection influencing the species.

    As bugs bunny said, "What a moroon."

  2. There's not a lot of competition for the school board positions. I guess he's there because he's willing to do it. I'm pretty sure he knew how the vote was going to go before he started his dance. He knows better.

  3. Old joke about a scientist sitting next to a farmer on a plane.

    The Farmer asks the scientist a question "You are a right smart guy. How come the insecticide I use becomes ineffective after a few seasons and I have to change?"

    The scientist goes into a typically long-winded explanation of how some of the insects survives, those with an immunity and the next season the population has a higher immunity, so it's less effective and it gets less and less effective as the seasons go by.

    The Farmer replies, "That makes perfect sense. Thanks for explaining it so well. What do you call this process anyways?"

    "The scientist replies "Evolution."

    "Oh no, we don't cotton to that kinda talk, no sir!" And turns his back on the scientist for the remainder of the flight.