Friday, April 23, 2010

All You Tots - Drink My Shots

Agreed.  Too bad. He carried that team on his back last year but this is just too creepy. And there seems to be a pattern here. College kids, college bars? Making a move with your dingle dangling? Stay classy, Ben. I've been a Steeler fan for about 40 years and I don't generally care about an athletes personal life but I just can't look at the team the same way unless they dump him. I can't imagine Mr. Rooney is too happy either.

And speaking of dingles dangling in the breeze. I know just how disconcerting it can be to be exposed to a weiner when you least expect it. In fact, I still remember the incident so I may well have been scarred for life. We were on our way to Bookbinders in downtown Philly, my brother and I tagging along behind the parents when we were approached by a loud, incoherent drunk with his dick hanging out. Dad put his arm around Mom and without a word ,navigated her around the danger zone, leaving my brother and me hanging. I guess in that situation it's every man for himself. The parents never said a word. We did. "Hey, did you see that? Ewwwwww!". I don't care who you are. That shit's creepy.

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