Wednesday, October 06, 2010

You're At That Age...

When you can't get it up and you've forgotten everything you ever knew about cars. Seen that Viagra commercial with that "self reliant" can do guy driving through the desert in his primered '69 Camaro? He looks relaxed but more likely is depressed. Not only can't he get it up or afford to paint his car but everything is in black and white and he doesn't have so much as a bridge abutment to run into to end it all. Anyway, the car overheats and this guy rolls into a two bit service station, gets a liter of chilled water and pours it in the radiator and cruises on down the road. How he popped the radiator cap without suffering second degree burns and poured the ice cold water into radiator without cracking the block I do not know. My experience in cars of that era involved heavy towels, fountains of rusty scalding coolant and a lot of running around screaming "Oh, shit!". Maybe Mr. Self Reliant is at that age where he spent 3 hours trying to piss and everything cooled down by the time he got back to the car.

So he cruises back into town and pulls in next to the wifey's minivan. The implication being that she can't wait for her Mr. Softee  to get home.  Hope he remembered the boner pills or, at least, is good with his hands..

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  1. OK we haven't seen that commercial, but if his wife is in a minivan we'd check the back for the mailman. They deliver donchano. Thanks, we'll be here all week.