Thursday, October 28, 2010

None Dare Call It Sleazin'

Do you ever get that "not so fresh" feeling?
Poor Ann Coulter. She's been kind of marginalized since the wingnuts have found fruitier loops in the box. Far fruitier. Even though the new breed, Palin, O'Donnell and Bachman have trouble generating a tweet between them and can't answer a direct question on any topic without resorting to Constitution, freedom or momma-somethings, they seem to have reduced Ann to a vague web presence and syndication in two bit small town newspapers (which counts for balance in these parts - point and counterpoint with Eugene Robinson - god help us). Even though Ann has managed (I assume on her own) to write whole books full of incoherencies and an actual column with real words and everything. Sad, really. Her desperate aging fame-whoredom reminds me of an aging hooker strutting around in her muffintop hot pants trying to get a reaction out of someone, anyone. At best Coulter's attempts at vitriol elicit the same confused and vaguely nauseated reaction as Wolf Blitzer and Chris Coons had during the debate.. Liberals? Yeah, I've heard of them. Kind of like the Whigs or something, right? But she gamely keeps applying the face paint and pressing on, hoping for some sort of reaction. Here's one, more out of pity than anything else:

In all of life's tribulations, there is nothing so aggravating as being condescended to by an idiot. In last week's CNN debate in the Delaware Senate race between the astonishingly well-spoken Christine O'Donnell and the unfortunate-looking Chris Coons, O'Donnell had to put up with it from Coons for 90 minutes.
O'Donnell wiped the floor with Coons, moderators Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Karibjanian, and the idiotic University of Delaware students asking questions – all of whom were against her.

Wiped the floor with Coons? Well, O'Donnell didn't throw up and no monkeys flew out of her ass so I suppose that counts as a victory of sorts. Astonishing is right. And I really think a woman with a bad dye job and an adam's apple shouldn't characterize anyone as "unfortunate looking". Stupid students, anyway. Always with the questions.

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  1. "the astonishingly well-spoken Christine O'Donnell"

    That about says everything you need to know.