Sunday, January 09, 2011

Well, She Didn't Mean "That"

Apparently even the Palin people are able to distinguish  between a United States representative and a caribou or even a Muslim. The  screen shot shows representatives in the cross-hairs targeted for their votes on the affordable  health care bill. It was removed from the web site shortly after the tragic shooting of Representative Giffords. I'm sure the whole crosshairs and targeted thing was purely symbolic. Kind of like the symbolic brick through Giffords district office window after the health care vote. I'm also sure this will be dismissed as the action of a lone disturbed lunatic. Now I don't know what this guy's political leanings are or even if he has any, but, aside from Muslim terrorists, it sure seems like the majority of disturbed, heavily armed lunatics are coming from the right wing. If Homeland Security isn't keeping an eye on these people they aren't doing their job.

Welcome to Sharon Angle's Second Amendment Remedy for America where any deranged loon with a semi automatic weapon can effect policy. It's a great country - get a couple dozen irrationally fearful racist loons with AK's together and you got a militia. Get a few thousand together and you got yourself a Tea Party.


  1. The thing I liked best was that when they got rid of a guy they turned his's symbol red because that's not the color of blood or anything.

  2. I'm shocked that anyone in politics would let a representation like this pass, without the potential of controversy occurring to them. Sarah Palin didn't pull the trigger, but this is a dangerous piece of propaganda.