Saturday, January 01, 2011

No, That Wasn't a New Episode of the Walking Dead...

that you stumbled upon. That was Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve starring Ryan Seacrest, some C list celebrities, a scary chick with blue lips, some convenience store workers and, down in the crowd, Typhoid Jenny. Ryan passed it off to Dick to ring in the New Year just as he's done for the last 97 years. Now I'm all for someone working through their disability and carrying on like a real trooper but, c'mon, you're scaring the kids. We generally try to shield the Kid from disturbing images and the wife and I kept looking to each other and the Kid, wondering if we should change the channel, but we were too far into the countdown and rode that creepy, barely flesh covered marionette into 2011. At least the strings didn't show. The Kid looked more puzzled than freaked anyway. Ah, youth. I only hope that when time runs a garbage truck over my head I have enough sense to retire.

And as for Jenny McCarthy. I hope she catches the flu.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Maybe if they wouldn't have to pay that greedy old fart his million dollars for showing his twisted face a few times during the evening, they could afford to get a better host than Ryan Seacrest with his zippy cone shaped hairdoo and his ridiculously gay toothy grin. Whats with that hair anyway? He always reminds me of Jim Carry in that stupid pet detective movie. I'm guessing there were a few drunk people in the crowd that could have done every bit as well as that two bit hack. Don't even get me started on the guest "performers". Pretty bad when a lighted ball dropping from a building is the best part of the entire show.

  2. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Maybe if you drink enough beer, squint your eyes real hard and turn your head to just the right angle, you could imagine Dick Clark as still being worthy of being a TV host.
    Nope, never mind. All it did for me was make me fart.