Thursday, December 23, 2010

Step Away From the Flack

 Stay frosty bitches, Red Frosty
"Look, I  can see it in your eyes. You're starting to get all worked up. Every year we do the same thing. Buy people a bunch of shit they don't need. It is not my fault - I did not invent Christmas - so back off and don't give me a lot of flack"

"Yeah, well, Flack You!"
So with that little confab the wife and I started planning for the holiday season. Right now I'm watching the kids while She is out bankrupting us. Doesn't she know that the last election was precisely about this kind of out of control spending? Does she want us to end up like Ireland or Greece? Someone needs to stand up and say "Enough! -Stop this madness!". I mean someone, not necessarily me. I won't step in front of a runaway truck either. I do like decorating, though. Check out this year's award winning entry above. Repeal and replacing Frosty's guts was not easy.

1 comment:

  1. face it, Mark
    We will ALWAYS lose this argument
    have a nice new year :)