Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bonus Babies

Charles Krauthammer, doing his best mini-Will impersonation, grumpily dismisses the Occupy Wall Street movement as the tantrums of a bunch of latte sipping English majors with bad credit. Subsequent investigation of the protesters indicate that most of them have jobs, unlike the retired Tea Partiers. Contrast these yahoos with the Tea Party participants. One worried that the implied contract that a college education would guarantee a job making enough money to pay off the college loans and the other worried that, uh, there's a Negro with a funny name in the White House. One angry that a base alignment of frightened bureaucrats and corporate malefactors have enriched themselves at the cost of the poor and middle class and the other angry that, uh, there's a Negro with a funny name in the White House. One just starting or about to start on a working career in an economy where the game is so rigged that hard work doesn't even guarantee a modicum of economic security and the other, at least half of whom depend on the  federal government for their Social Security and Medicare, screaming at the government to keep its hands out of their Medicare. One makes their way to the city anyway they can and camps out in protest and the other glides in on Koch fueled buses and goes home to wait for the Social Security check. Wonder which one's bullshit?

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