Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I was just pokin' a little fun. Don't you people have a sense of humor? Just like all the hoo hah about my huntin' camp being called Niggerhead. That's just what it's called. My daddy called it that, my grand-daddy called it that. Hell, everybody in these parts calls it Niggerhead. Cept maybe the coloreds. Speakin' a funny - how'd you like my new tax plan? I got it from some guy in a bow tie who was sportin' a bad case of acne so it's gotta be good. It's called a flat tax cause you can file it on a postcard and a post card's flat. Get it? And don't worry about paying for Social Security or Medicare cause there won't be none. That's nanny state stuff. Ya haveta excuse me - I gotta go find some more Mexicans in that heathen Romney's back yard.

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