Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So Ha!

That's what I get from my granddaughter when I make a minor factual error while I'm correcting her. Something along the lines of -
'Why didn't you clean up the Cheerios you spilled on the floor? -
They're not Cheerios, they're Rice Krispies - So Ha!'
 'Didn't I tell you to turn off Big Time Rush and do your homework? -
It's not Big Time Rush it's Zeke and Luther - So ha!'

The 'So ha!' is the triumphant end of all argument. No amount of reason or rational argumentation will sway the 'So Ha!' moment. It is final. It is unassailable. I am defenseless against it. I sputter in impotent rage as she flounces off secure in her 'ah ha -ness'.

So the Republicans gave us the Reagan and Bush tax cuts coupled with two off the books wars and two unfunded mandates ( No Child Left Behind and the Prescription Drug Benefit) that gave us record deficits and the excuse to gin up a debt controversy to try to force the President to peel back social programs that date back to the New Deal. Of course no tax cuts - no deficit. But that's beside the point. Somehow it was seen as a political victory by the Republicans to force the issue to the super committee. I see it different. By a little political ju jutsu the Prez has got poor Speaker Boehner's head stuck in a corner while he whips his bare ass like a Texas judge. If the super committee fails what gets cut firstest and mostest?- why defense of course. Now Republican Congressmen can go home to their districts over the holidays and explain to all the defense workers (like my wife so you know I'm not exactly thrilled about this scenario) that their bases are going to be shut down because they refused to raise the taxes on millionaires. So Ha!

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