Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Spray Me, Bro!

a spray on tanning session goes horribly awry

Sometimes I wish I knew what I was talking about. Hard to be the archetype wise old grandfather when you're not sure of anything at all.

(Watching the infamous pepper spray video at UC Davis with my granddaughter)

"That cop should be thrown in jail. Those kids are just sitting there and he's coating them with pepper spray.

What's pepper spray do?

It burns your eyes and skin.

Why didn't the police stop him?

He is the police.

I mean the other police.

I guess they were the only ones there. Looks like a peaceful protest to me.

What were they protesting?

Umm....uh.....I don't know...."

Of course the torture apologists come out of the wood work to defend the police acting with "proper protocol". Bullshit. Proper protocol is dragging them off to the paddy wagon if you feel you have to move them. Off course it looks like Officer Tubbs is too fat to bend over and tie his own shoe let alone drag a bunch of squirmy teenagers off the road. Color me disgusted.

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