Friday, June 15, 2012

The World's Worst Catholic™ Backs the Nuns

That's all they need. It's a close call. I could go either way. Sister Mary Joseph scared the shit out of me (literally) in first grade and that other one tore up my copy of Mad magazine in Catechism class. Apparently Mad magazine was the Devil's work. Who knew? And she was one of the nice ones. But nothing pisses off the Pope more than Catholics who act like Christians and since this particular one spent some of his formative years trying to shoot down my dad, I'm gonna have to side with today's modern a-go-go sisters. Although Papa Bene may have a point. Feeding the poor and healing the sick ain't gonna put starch in those robes and a point on that hat. What are we - Mennonites? Much better to cosey up to these clowns. Vatican II - who needs it? Let's save the excommunicating for nuns who save women's lives.


  1. Sorry, but one shouldn't be surprised that if you publish a book that goes against church teaching as a sister that you are going to be reprimanded.

  2. What I find depressing is that such intelligent and vibrant women want to be nuns in the first place!

    I knew a nun that had to leave the order because she wanted to work in a place that the church didn't approve of - nothing feminist or radical, just not on their list - probably didn't have a high enough Catholic population.