Thursday, August 16, 2012

He's Gonna Wonk All Over You

and then I said wrecked him? - it damn near killed him

I was going to write a well reasoned post about how the implementation of the Ryan budget would shred the emergent middle class and destroy the past 60 years of increased opportunity for the working poor but I think I'll just make fun of Ryan's sport jacket. You would think that a guy whose wife inherited 5 million bucks would be able to buy his own jacket instead of borrowing Big Daddy's. Probably too busy wonking to go shopping.

Paul Davis Ryan - what are you doing in there? Are you wonking again? You come out here this instant!
Aw, Ma
And just where is my copy of Fountainhead, young man?


  1. Very nice work. I like the style.

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  3. While I don't think the jacket did him in, who knows? We Americans can be awfully flighty when it comes to our politics!

    I'm enjoying reading!