Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christmas Magic Continues

I didn't particularly care for having my artistic efforts derided as retarded. Although my wife has backpedaled somewhat and told me that what she meant by retarded is that I was full of the spirit. WTF? How does that make any sense at all? That's like saying what I meant by calling you stupid is that your shoes fit well.

This constant criticism has only served to motivate me further and I have redoubled my efforts to put on a wholesome and tasteful Christmas display and make this the best Christmas ever.
What's Christmas without a manger scene? I realize mine is a little, well, mangy, as over the years the stable has gotten sat on a few times and most of the original figurines have disappeared. I think the only originals left are 2 sheep, the camel and Baby Jesus (or Baby Genius as my grandson calls him). I was short two Wise Men this year and the only ones I could find at Dollar Tree were a little, uh, tall. I think they bookend the display nicely, don't you?

My favorite is a little something called Bruce the Spruce that I picked up a few years ago. He's motion activated and unless I'm mistaken, made by Amish craftsmen.

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