Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Bro

All these years have got me to reflecting:

Things I am sorry about:

1. Shooting you in the chin with an arrow.

2. Hitting you in the head with rocks (all occasions)

3.Talking you into taking your tricycle down Dead Man's Hill

4. Not talking you out of wearing those plaid pants in high school or combing your hair like Michael Caine on crack

Things you should be grateful for:

1. Setting the bar so low that you could shuffle over it on your life's journey.

2. Teaching you a valuable lesson: Don't ever, ever, ever listen to anything I tell you.

I do not regret jacking your jaw and launching you into the skittles table at the Otesaga Inn. If it did count, it shouldn't have. You had it coming and don't pretend you didn't.


  1. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Well, it did count. Since when did eight ball
    become a contact sport. Appreciate the love though. Looking at your other posts, your design sense, your camera work(I think backing up created a real tension) and your singing all
    are very, very special.
    Love from Brooklyn.

  2. Well, singing "it counts, it counts, it counts.." over and over again was annoying beyond belief. I hold myself blameless. Usually I would lose with grace and dignity.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I cannot vouch for pool not being a contact sport (there were a couple of times I had to leave a bar in a hurry with some money) but I can only imagine Neil's chant and agree with your assessment of its general effect on the psyche of an otherwise well-balanced individual (this is in theory, mind you). However, after listening to your rendition of "Happy Birthday", I think Neil (and those of us who were innocent bystanders when he played the message) deserve a crack at a "skittles push".


  4. Whose idea was it to sit on the cactus? I learned something that day.