Thursday, May 20, 2010

And Some Chicken Nuggets to Go for My Friend in the Back of the Bus

From the What Was He Thinking? Dept. at Woo University a curious exchange between Rand "I'm not racist but that doesn't mean I want to sit next to them at McDonalds" Paul and the sharp as a tack Rachel Maddow. But this was an easy one for her. She just had to clear away a few clouds of obfuscation to get at the gist of what Paul was trying to say about the Civil Rights Act (the correct answer, Mr. Paul, is "yes, of course I support it").  After wandering down the rabbit hole of the history of slavery in Boston during the 19th century, an aside that confused not only Maddow but the rest of America, Paul managed to blurt out something about being against government sanctioned racism. He said this several times so I assume the implication is that private sector racism is OK, being based on the First Amendment Right of Free non - Association. Or something like that. It was kind of confused and not nearly as clear as Reagan's States Rights Trip to Philadelphia, Mississippi, but you get the message. Straight from the I Got Mine So Fuck the Rest of You and It's OK if You're Scared of Negroes wing of the Libertarian Tea Party.

Paul went on to say he would have been marching right alongside Dr. King back in the day. As long as he didn't have to sit next to him on the bus ride down.

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