Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

May 6, 1924 - November 24, 2009. Funny how two boys from the same seeds can look at the world so differently. We've been slowly going through Dad's estate - the final repository of a multi generational collection of knick knacks and pictures. My brother lives in a more spirit haunted world than I, going as far as to keep the door closed to dad's bedroom where the old man took his final dive. He says he feels dad's presence throughout the house and he doesn't like it. He's ready to move on. I feel it, too but I like it. I'm a hoarder of memories and I'm not ready to let go of that physical connection.

So we tossed the clothes first thing, secured the Bronze Stars and campaign ribbons, and started moving out his plants. We can't bring ourselves to get rid of the Vitalis and Aqua Velva sitting on the shelf next to the shower. Even though neither one of us had that father-son Aqua Velva moment like in the commercial - you know the one - where, after a bracing father-son game of catch in the yard, the old man tosses the kid the Aqua Velva and the kid says - Cool. And the old man smiles knowingly. We never had a moment like that. And now we never will. And it is unlikely that I could get my daughter to wear it. And I am not allowed to wear it. I have been instructed to remain scent neutral.

Aqua Velva - firms, tones
and if you got the shakes you can drink it.

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