Sunday, May 09, 2010

Not Your Mama's Carol Wright

We were shocked - shocked I tell you! Tucked amidst the Mister Steamy, Magic Mop, Tropical Rompers and various homeopathic remedies were two pages loaded with enough, uh, personal care products to satisfy a Republican Senator. Pictured at left is a device with the patented Butterfly Kiss. My Grammy, a dedicated shopper in years gone by, wouldn't have approved. At least, I hope not. And how about this glowing recommendation from a happy penis pump buyer:
I have owned two of these pumps over the last 10 years, a buddy bought one for me. Really do enjoy the manual one. It is great for expanding and helping when needed. Just loved it and plan to buy me another one for this christmas. I have one that cost $400 buck, real medical pump, like this one better, more uses.
Hey, what are friends for? Although I have to wonder what other uses he's talking about. And  $149 for the battery operated and $90 for the manual ( that sounds like asking for a heart attack to me - after all, who wants to take the time to pump up a tire in the middle of the race?) seems a little salty  to me. I could slap something together using a vacuum cleaner and hose clamp for one tenth the cost.

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