Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dropping the F Bomb

I suppose it's my own fault because I used it first. But it still makes me wince when I hear my seven year old granddaughter use the F - word. That would be the word "family". For some reason I got it in my head to start a new family tradition - Friday Family Movie Night. So every week I try to track down some god awful fun for the family G rated snoozefest and it's not easy satisfying a group with such diverse interests. My taste runs to sci-fi/zombie, Brennie likes well made films that plumb the depths of the human condition - you know good movies (bleh) and the granddaughter likes to watch the same episode of Big Time Rush over and over and over again. She's picked up on the fact that my heart melts when I think of her being stuck with her grandparents for a family.  So now everything is family - Family Swim Day, Family Go to Burger King Day, Family Buy Me a Toy Day - Please - how about a Family Shoot me in the Head Day? I'm trapped in the Family Circle.

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