Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slaveboating Barack

Playing the race card by claiming your opponent is playing the race card. Preemptive I know you are but what am I? strike. I smell a Turdblossom blooming and I think we all know who's pudgy little fingers are tickling the prostate of the average white working Joe. You got to give it to the little fucker, he knows how to steal an election. On a more stupid note, self proclaimed everyman and regular guy Joe Scarborough (speaking for everymen everywhere; Joe, you complete us) parses Obama's character, encouraged by an occasion head nod from Pat Buchanan. God help me, I like Buchanan - I just know sometime he's going to start a segment with the words "Now listen, you fuckheads..." and every once in a while he looks like he's wondering how he landed in this talk show special olympics. Joe's take is that Obama "comes across" as arrogant, elitist, condescending, uppity - oops, speaks in complete sentences and eats some sort of foreign soundin' lettuce. Now, of course, Joe himself doesn't feel that way. He's just afraid a lot of regular Joes feel that way. That's some good slick cracker shit, Joe.

Let the fun begin: terrorist fist pumps, will tax your dog, Michele hates America, Obama hates America, Obama's kids hate America, Obama disses the troops, no flag on the plane, no flag on the suit, no flag on the boxers, educated in a madrassa, secret Muslim, uppity -oops, two white women for every brother and he's fathered not one, but two black children. You got to love the Republican spin machine - there is no end to their creativity. Corsi, author of Obama Nation (oh hell, I just got it. Abomination! Like the anti-Christ, that's some Biblical stuff there) doesn't fact check, taking the position that the rumours are worth reporting (you know the drill -"Some say...", "It is thought that...", "Is it possible that...", "Sources tell us...").

Then again, I suppose we all ought to be grateful for our toothless libel laws.

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  1. Excellent rant!

    A little like looking into Susan Estrich's medicine cabinet.