Friday, October 03, 2008

More Cornpone, Please

Doggone it, what can I say? Maybe I watched a different debate. Grumpy old politico Pat Buchanan and pretend everyman Joe Scarborough are convinced that Palin nailed it. Biden was "boring" (i.e too many factual presentations of actual policy proposals) and Palin spoke directly to the people. She sounded to me like Ned Flanders channeling Ronald Reagan. Hot diddily doo. Every wink into the camera reminded me of an Amway presentation selling guaranteed pure products like "freedom", "jobs" and "lower taxes". And just like Amway, it's a sales technique to get us to pay too much for a product we don't need. Trickle down economics is a pyramid scheme and a McCain election will guarantee most of us staying at the bottom. Sarah Palin's job is to sell these Republican products and get us to vote against our own self interest. I found the whole folksy, wink-wink Mr. Deeds bullshit belittling and condescending. We are not that stupid and we have had enough of that shit with Bush and I'm hoping we don't fall for it again.

I am a working class guy and I can tell you guys like Buchanan and Scarborough don't get it. Their contact with working people is limited to picking up the dry cleaning or dropping their car off for an oil change. If you are a waitress or a nurse or a mechanic or a construction worker or a factory worker you know what I mean. I used to deliver redi-mix to homeowners, usually lawyers or doctors or accountants, and this was their big once in 10 a year moment to do some really heidi-ho blue collar manual labor. I'd hear how great this kind of work is. No, it isn't. Try it for 15 years. Otherwise you don't have a clue. And quit feeding us bullshit, we're full.

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