Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They're Baaaack!

And just in time for dinner and the coming Apocalypse. Derek and Sharon Gilbert, the Regis and Kathy Lee of paranoid eschatology, and hosts of PID Radio. Making dinner was never the same during their hiatus. Often I would drop silverware into the sink, burn or cut myself as I listened in slack jawed bewilderment as they would put 2 and 2 together to get 5. But it all makes sense. In a way.
So here's the deal. Things aren't as they seem and we go through life half blind with the blinker on, pawns of the shadowy forces that pull the strings behind the scenes. I'm talking demons and demi-gods, Masons and Bildebergs, One-Worlders and UFO's, earthquakes and diseases. Hell, even Springsteen's in on it. Everything means something, part of an elaborate plot and only through Scripture can you sort out the meanings of everyday occurences. We must be getting close to the End Times and I think that's what brought them back to the airwaves. "A tall black man will arise in the West..." - that's not a porno, that's a prophesy.

So, if you're off your meds, check out the podcast and find out who's a puppet and who's a playa. Get the lowdown for the coming showdown.

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