Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Think I'll Get the Other One

Some guys just shouldn't get a choice. I'd be a natural shopper if I lived  someplace like Cuba where you get your choice of beans or rice. But I spent all morning obsessively compulserating over which humidifier to buy. Ultrasonic? Evaporative?  Medium room? Large Room? Whole house? Filtered? Filterless? Tower? Floor model? Maybe I should check it out on the internet first. I had one all picked out in Lowes but the box was kinda squashed so I'd  probably be inheriting someones else's problem. So I went over to Walmart, picked out one at half the price but they didn't have any of the check- yourself -out thingers open so I said fuck it I'm not going to wait in line to spend good American dollars on some Chinese shit I probably don't even want. Why oh why can I not make a decision? So I went home, did my research (which more often than not turns out to be useless) and bought one from Amazon. I like getting packages. And I like my super saver shipping.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Wow! And I thought it was just me that did things like that. Glad to hear Im not alone on this one.

  2. well done! do tell me more...

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  4. If you insist - After careful deliberation I ended up with the Essick Air D46 720 4-speed tower in an understated charcoal gray from Amazon. And, as I found myself for some reason standing once again in the heating and wetting aisle at Walmart, I also purchased the most excellent Sunbeam Vapor Purificado Humidificador for the bedroom. It only took me about an hour to choose that one. But the self checkouts were open so it was kind of a win.

  5. I did the same thing this weekend, but with a hair straightner. I stared at a few models for about half an hour, then googled it on my phone, thought Id save at least $10 if I ordered on line, then thought forget it... you know, because of shipping. But I do too love packages.