Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Sure How I Feel About This

We haven't eaten Jesus yet... but we will real soon!
So saith my granddaughter explaining the finer points of Transubstantiation. She seems rather blithe about something that totally freaked me out when I was her age. Sister Mary Joseph was very clear on the fact that the host became the actual body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ amen. Symbolic representation was for the heathen protestants. Don't take the host if you haven't confessed. Or you're going to hell. Don't ever, ever chew it or touch it with your hands. Or you're going to hell. So not only were we told, prior to our First Communion at the age of 7 (it's 8 nowadays), that we were about to engage in an real cannibalistic ritual, we were also told that any misstep during the ritual would result in horrible and permanent damage to our immortal souls and would surely result in eternal damnation. Now it sure didn't taste like blood and raw meat to me so I was sure I must have been doing something wrong. And you wonder why I'm a little jumpy.


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  2. We had the good fortune of high distractability in catechism class so when the holy words of sister Victorine poured down upon us, not only were the scales not dropped from our eyes the wax did not vanish from our ears. Which is why for a long time we thought transubstantiation was some sort of underwater warfare.

    We really did have the little Lutheran kid convinced catholics got super powers from communion though.