Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dim Bulbs

This shall not stand. Reps. Bachmann and Barton (R-combined IQ 74) have sponsored bills to repeal the mandated federal standards for allowable light bulb wattage. Barton, if you will remember, is the Congressman who felt the need to apologize to BP for the Obama Administration forcing them to put up the money to clean up their own mess and Bachmann is the Congresswoman who is terminally, irretrievably batshit crazy.  These regulations are just another example of federal overreach leading to socialist enslavement. Why have any kind of standards? The Founders would be aghast at the world we live in, full of federally mandated energy efficiency standards. Far better to split a couple of atoms or shave the top off a mountain or kill a few brown people than to rob us of our God given choice to be stupidly energy inefficient. Sen. Paul (R - Kenfucky) agrees. Not only do the light bulbs piss him off but he's been having problems with his toilet. Evidently it doesn't flush well enough to dispose of his "business". After seeing John Steward gently deconstruct  Paul's inane political philosophy I get the feeling the problem is not with the toilet.

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