Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wherein Scripto Feels the Need to Explain the Joke

Sometimes I feel as though my attempts at whimsy fall on deaf eyes. The following exchange was posted in the comment section of Ironicus Maximus:

"Good question your Pradaness, but here's a better one: If all humanity wasn't present to clamor for appletinis when Eve ate the apple, how come we all have to pay for original sin?
scripto said:
All humanity was present. All both of them. Read your Bible you apostate. 
6:19 PM
Anonymous said...
"All both".....priceless!
7:55 PM
Now you may not be able to tell by my literary efforts that my mother was an English teacher so I am well aware that the elites consider "all both" to be bad form. Now, in my defense, I did give that comment careful thought and boiled it down to two questions:
1. Did I think Ironicus would get the joke?
2. Did I care if I looked stupid?
My answers were yes and no. Now it is possible Anonymous did get the joke and thought that my comment was priceless in a brilliantly humorous way. In that case I look even more stupid. And yes, that is possible. And no, I still don't care.

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