Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Here Come De Judge

Attempts by the Church and its apologists to make sense of human sexuality reminds me  of a great scene in Pillars of the Earth. The witchy woman consort of one protagonist and mother of another is captured, bound and brought before the evil Bishop and his toadies. Not only has the Bishop betrayed her trust as her confessor and tortured and killed the father of her son but he continues to persecute her current lover and her son. Well, she's had it. She cuts her bonds with a hidden knife and the monks shrink back, murmuring of witchcraft. She strides along a long table toward the Bishop, seated at the end of the table, and when she reaches him she hikes up her skirt launches a stream of piss right at him. The clerics shrink back in horror as she contemptuously turns and stalks out of the dining hall.

And so it is with the Church, looking too hard into the mystery of our beginnings and ending up with a face full of piss. Using a blinded interpretation of natural processes to underpin scriptural precepts and make sense of the chaotic complications of human sexuality. The idea that all right thinking cultures will come to the same basic concepts of good and evil because they all share a sense of the moral order built in to the framework of the universe. The idea being that certain behaviors are intrinsically wrong because they are unnatural. Behaviors such as homosexuality, abortion, contraception, pre-marital and extra -marital sex, polygamy, etc all contravene some sort of Natural Law, that they are counter to our god given natures. How this squares with the Christian idea that we are born fatally flawed, I do not know but all Catholic theology seems based on ignoring the contradictions. Even a cursory examination of nature and human history proves the Natural Law argument bullshit. Your dog humps your leg, Jacob had 4 wives, the new king of the pride kills his predecessor's cubs, nobody was too anxious to tell Alexander that he couldn't have a boyfriend...Jeez, just a look at our plumbing gives the lie to some sort of natural monogamy in the human species. I suppose Natural Inclinations sounds a little too weak on which to build a whole moral code. But there is no such thing as Natural Law, not even a Law of Replication. Natural Inclinations, maybe.  Well, there is one Natural Law - Everything Dies. I don't need a Cathedral to remind me of that.

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