Friday, January 20, 2012

Back of the Class

News Flash - we already done lost that war. At least those of us in the Special Ed economic class. Which is, oh, about 95% per cent of us. The advanced placement kids have all the luck. Most of them have cars that their Daddy's bought. Of course at least half of us deserve it, being too stupid to vote in our own self interest. Easily swayed by the politics of fear; some Mexican is going to take my shitty job, Muslims are coming, strange ones with funny hats, the Dems are going to take that little bowl of trickle down I got and give it to some Food Stamper. Politics of envy. Bullshit. How about politics of anger instead? Historically low tax rates for the wealthiest among us while Tea Partiers on Social Security and pimpled Libertarians living in Mom's basement continue to vote in a Congress whose only goal is to shred the social safety net and do away with it altogether. We aren't all going to be able to crowd into that 1%, no matter what we do or how hard we try.

That's the Republican playbook - get you so scared that you are going to lose what you already have, say Social Security and Medicare, that you will vote for people who plan to take it away anyway.

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