Monday, January 16, 2012

Worse Jobs Than Mine

Had a bad week. The free (kinda) market system has been cruel to me. One second place after another (and no, second doesn't pay in my line of work). So when I'm feeling like a big fat loser I like to think about how some people have it worse.

Headlice picker

Iranian Nuclear scientist

Mitt Romney's dog.

Michael Jackson's doctor

Suicide bomber

Newt Gingrich's wife

My wife

Head of the SDS chapter at Liberty University

Chicken sexer

Paleontologist at the Creation Museum

Speech therapist at Gallaudet

Human Resources director at Bain Capital

Foot reflexologist at the Home for Crippled Children

David Barton's research assistant

Bob Barker's veterinarian

Caterer for the PETA annual banquet

Uday Hussein’s body double

Rick Perry’s debate coach

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