Wednesday, April 01, 2009

British Enraged - Obama Disses Queen

Britons rioted in the streets London today after a perceived snub of Queen Elizabeth II by American president Barack Obama. The Queen presented the president with a set of cuff links studded with rubies taken from the Crown Jewels. In return, the President presented the Queen with an IPod loaded with Notorious B.I.G.'s greatest hits. "For God's sakes, it was a $47 shuffle!" explained a spokesman for the Queen.

The Queen got a small measure of revenge during a half court pick-up basketball game between the Her Majesty, Prince Phillip and the Obamas after the state dinner. Obama tried to dunk on her and she slapped away the ball snarling, "Don't bring your weak shit here. This is my palace, bitch"

The President increased tensions between the United States and BFF Great Britain with his parting comment:

"It was a wonderful visit," Obama shouted to reporters as he and his wife left the palace. "Her majesty is delightful - for a dwarf."

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