Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Newt's Old Ideas for a Dying Planet

Part of that is true. The ideas are old but the planet won't die. A bunch of us might, but the planet won't. So the prince of well written dumb ideas has put forth what purports to be some sort of energy policy in the latest Newsweek. This is the same guy that said we needed to use lasers that we don't have to shoot down the North Korean missle launch. As you can imagine, his solutions consist of using a band aid of existing and non-existent technologies to cover a sucking chest wound. More of the same isn't going to cut it. Anwar won't help for long, offshore drilling won't amount to much, there's not enough water to process the oil shale and only a dumb ass who has never lived in a coal mining area would suggest "clean" coal technology. I don't care how clean you can burn it, you still got to get it out of the ground and there goes the neighborhood. That leaves us with the same distribution network and the same dependence on those Saudi fuckers who set up the networks that financed those motherfuckers who flew those motherfucking planes into the Towers. What I am trying to say is that it is a matter of national security. I don't want to see Obama wandering around the Rose Garden holding hands with some Saudi prince like Bush did.
I agree with Newt (and here's where I differ with my tree hugging buddies) that we have to start building more nuclear power plants. Sorry Harry, but Obama needs to break one campaign promise and open Yucca mountain. Transporting the nuclear waste is a concern but with 50 years experience hauling nuclear weapons around the country we ought to be able to handle that. Continuing to store it onsite is a bad idea. Upgrade the transmission facilities, toss in a little solar and wind for a sweetener and we're good to go for awhile.
Now the same guys that voted against extending unemployment benefits and were manning the helm while our 401's were deep sixed, are crying crocodile tears about the impact a carbon tax will have on the poor people. We survived $4 a gallon gas. I don't mind paying a little more if it means we won't have to march off to the Middle East every ten years or so. Keep saying to yourself that we're a center-right country, Newt. That's why we elected a liberal democrat for President.

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