Thursday, April 09, 2009

Maggie Fights Rear Guard Action Against Gay Stuff

If your organization has "marriage" or "family" in its name (like Focus On the Family, Family Research Council, NOM) you are a douchebag and your entire organization is composed of douchebags. How do I know? The evidence speaks for itself.

Gallagher (not the one with the watermelon but, even worse, Maggie, president of NOM) has written an incoherent op-ed for the National Review Online. Apparently Rick Warren is rethinking the whole homophobic idea because the gays got to him. They got their ways. They probably did some gay stuff to him like they did to Ted.

It's worse than we thought. Not only do we have entire gay countries like Canada and Spain (look what's happened to those countries), we have entire gay legislatures as well as gay activist judges. Hence the need for the above retarded commercial. Notice how the actors are isolated in space. You can't be too careful these days and you don't want to get any gay juice on you. And you definitely don't want any gays sneaking up on you and doing gay stuff to you. Notice also how the actors are surrounded by enormous storm clouds of HIV-positive jiz (I know it's HIV-positive because the lightning strikes are going to HIV-negative ground). Notice how these poor people have suffered the worst sort of persecution - persecution against them being able to persecute other people. The last lady is upset that her kid may be told in public school that gay marriage is OK. Well lady, even if your kid escapes your smotherhood without turning gay, he's bound to find out that is some places gay marriage is legal. This is persecution?

You know what I notice? I notice that these are the same arguments I heard against desegregation in the 60's. Crying that your precious rights to "free-association" are being trampled rings hollow. Giving basic human rights to an oppressed minority is a moral thing to do. So, Maggie Gallagher, go fuck yourself (if you're able), and fuck that douchebag organization you rode in on.


  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Wow, Why are you sugar coating your feelings? Why not say what you mean.

    Will an umbrella or rain coat save me from this storm?

  2. Sorry. I guess sometimes I'm too subtle. I think if the gays complete their agenda we'll all be wearing hazmat suits. Designer hazmat suits.