Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks a Lot, Arlen

Now I got no Republicans to vote for, except for the local yokels who help me with my auto stuff. Specter's defection to the Democrats is no surprise to Jim "Pol Pot" Taylor, chairman of the local Republican Party. Taylor is quoted as saying that he never "liked" Specter, anyway and that it was time to purge the party of all its RINOS. Well, I got news for him. They've done gone. Whitman, Hatfield, Chafee, Shwartzenegger, Rockefeller... Eisenhower would be out and I doubt if Nixon would make the cut. No room for Libertarians or fiscally conservative moderates, I suppose. Few are worthy. Taylor says it is time to get back to those core Republican principles. I wonder what they could be? Something like this?

Too bad. I was kind of attached to the two party system.

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